International Colloquium on
Loanwords and Substrata
in Indo-European languages
Limoges, France, 4th–7th June 2018

The International Colloquium on Loanwords and Substrata in Indo-European languages will take place in Limoges, France, from the 4th to the 7th June 2018.

Invited Speakers

  • Martin Kümmel

    Title to be defined

  • Ranko Matasović

    Title to be defined

  • Saskia Pronk-Tiethoff

    (to be confirmed)

  • Michael Weiss

    (by videoconference)


Programme Committee


Romain Garnier (Chair)

Ignasi Xavier Adiego Lajara

Chams Bernard

Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel

Michiel de Vaan

Emmanuel Dupraz

Benjamin Fortson

José Luis García Ramón

Ivo Hajnal

Agnes Korn

Martin Kümmel

Pierre-Yves Lambert

Ranko Matasović

Craig Melchert

Daniel Petit

Michaël Peyrot

Blanca María Prósper

Georges-Jean Pinault

Saskia Pronk-Tiethoff

Elisabeth Rieken

Benoît Sagot

Zsolt Simon

Thomas Steer

Brent Vine

Michael Weiss

Ilya Yakubovich

Nicholas Zair


Organisation Committee

(to be completed)


Romain Garnier (Chair)

Important dates

Submission deadline12th February 2018
Author notification26th February 2018
Final version due28th March 2018
Colloquium4th–7th June 2018
Submission deadline31st Jan. 2018
Author notification26th Feb. 2018
Final version due28th Mar. 2018
Colloquium4th–7th Jun. 2018


Communication proposals should be submitted by email in the form of an abstract between half a page and a page, in Word and PDF format. More information will be provided soon.


Proceedings of the colloquium gathering full-length articles will be published as a special issue of the Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft.